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Ride 2

09 Jul, by uvsadmin in

Released for end of 2017


16 Jun, by uvsadmin in

We create the “Valentino Rossi Academy” including models, textures and importing. We placed objects, grass and build rain setup for about 20 tracks.


07 Apr, by uvsadmin in

We create all 25 tracks. It includes all models, heightmaps, textures and and export in debug game. Plus we posed all elements around the environments.

Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo

29 Jan, by uvsadmin in

We worked on 12 main tracks, along with 1 Peaks Peak and 2 rally cross tracks. The 12 main tracks are divided into 3 different countries: Wales, Australia and Finland. We deploy all models, texturing, posing and importing into debug game. In total we worked…

MotoGp 15

24 Jun, by uvsadmin in

We create all the Motorhome and Garage including models, texturing, lighting and export in debug game.


16 Jun, by uvsadmin in

BYE 3D offers new virtual reality experience with latest hardware and software technologies. This installation was created to show the new concept car Tata. We create a part of town and the Tata car model, including interactive interior details, such as touch dashboard and touch…

MotoGP 14

06 Jun, by uvsadmin in

We create some environment asset and follow the debugging and optimization of the racing tracks.

Arbol Parquet Catalogue

25 Apr, by uvsadmin in

PDF Arbol Catalogue 2014 We improve company experience, creating renderings for new Arbol Parquet Catologue 2014.


18 Apr, by uvsadmin in

Parnaso is a new residential property located in North of Milan. Broadway offer a new real estate immersive experience to show all the details of the architectural complex and boost the process of selling. We develop a part of the 3d application and follow all…